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Nablopomo – Day 30 – Success

Last updated on 23 August 2012

The November theme for the National Blog Posting Month is that there is no theme. I think I followed that quite well.

After 30 straight days of posting, my NaBloPoMo experience has now concluded. Again, thanks to Ritchie for throwing down the gauntlet.

In order of page views for NaBloPoMo posts, these received the most exposure:

As I figured, yesterday’s post received the most attention due to it being topical and very substantial. Interesting that the Cooks Source Magazine scandal still gets attention, but not too surprising. As for Day 2, I’m not really sure on that one. I guess people really like Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock.

Overall, I’m very happy and proud to have been involved! I’ll finish this off by saying a big "Hello" and "Thank You" to my new audience. I have a big surprise coming for the holiday season. I’ll only say that it has to do with Kitchen Dancing. πŸ™‚