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Leggo my Lego® – The Sailors

Last updated on 23 August 2012

"The Sailors". In Lego®. Courtesy of Duran.

The Sailors, done in Lego®

When I asked him for a description, here is what he said:

There once was a man who drove a sailboat and his boat started sinking when he hit a rock. Then, he was underwater and found a sailor’s hat, along with a guitar.

He thought to himself “What does this mean?” He thought about it, and finally knew what it meant – that he should create a band called ‘The Sailors’.

Then one day, he found 4 other people that were also sailors. They wanted to be in a band too.

He said “Come on! I rented a stage! And there’s 500 people coming!”

So they went all over the world playing their music.

One day, someone saw in the paper that ‘The Sailors’ is the band that’s been around the world the most times and is now called the best band on Earth!


For the full set, check it out on Pinterest and Flickr