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Future of Web Accessibility in Canada – Application for Judicial Review

Last updated on 23 August 2012

A further update as of 17 September 2011.

The Federal Court of Appeal will be holding a hearing in relation to an Application for Judicial Review on 15 and 16 November of 2011.

This is specific to making the Alliance for Equality of Blind Canadians an intervenor in the case of Donna Jodhan versus the federal government, in regards to inaccessible government websites.

For those not familiar with what an intervenor is, it’s basically a nonparty who can assist the court in making a decision that’ll best benefit all involved by the original judgment by bringing to light other interested parties affected that may have been overlooked by the original respondent. But, I’m not a lawyer, so please correct me if I’m wrong!

I’ll keep you posted over the next 2 days once I hear more.

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