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Last updated on 2 June 2019

Hello all. It’s time we had a heart-to-heart. I’m way too humble and I procrastinate. There. I’ve said it.

For years, I’ve always felt that receiving admiration for the work that I’ve done without asking for thanks is the best admiration you can receive. I still strongly feel this way. I also feel that if you want to truly be successful in life, you must try to help your fellow man, woman and child. And, this is where I feel the fault is. Quite simply, I have not been as proactive in helping out people when I’ve truly wanted to. But why?

I’ve lost track of how many times I’ve wanted to post a response, send an email, pick up a phone, do a presentation, perform an interview, etc. only to back down at the last moment. At first, I connected it to being that humble and procrastinating person. But, I’ve come to realize one simple thing: I’m afraid of saying and / or doing the wrong thing and made to feel foolish for it.

Don’t get me wrong. I still have the work that I do in my professional life that I think I’m very good at. I do what I have to do and get it done. However, I’ve always felt I could achieve more. But what’s holding me back?

Although this has been happening for years, the realization itself has been brewing for the last 9 months. It started with the death of a close family member and it helped me to solidify the fact that we only live once and you have to make the most of what you do.

Cliché, right? Perhaps. Perhaps it’s been so cliché in my mind that I’ve taken it for granted and never really absorbed the true meaning behind it.

Something else also happened recently. I was told the following:

…you have a duty to help people.

Again, it’s something I took for granted. It’s something that I’ve believed in so much and that my mind understood so well that it wasn’t clear to me that I wasn’t practicing this enough. It’s really seems so strange to me that I’ve overlooked these 2 simple facts of my humbleness and procrastination. The sense of morality combined with being told about my duty really snapped me out of the funk I was in. I guess that’s life though. We get comfortable in our day-to-day that we sometimes overlook the obvious.

So based on this, I’m dedicating this “coming out” to my family who is always there for me, my Uncle, my good friend Laura who said that quote to me over the phone, and to all of my other dear friends out there. To honour them, let’s get down to business.

I’ve been at the web game now since 1998. In this time, there are many things that I’m very proud to say I’ve been a part of. Not being humble anymore, I’d thought I’d list out some of my achievements and major influences in my life:

  • Met and married my soul mate. We have a beautiful son and we do business together.
  • Quit my Certified General Accountant training to be a ‘Webmaster’ in 1997. Officially started in 1998 with building web sites in Publisher. Yes, Publisher.
  • Entered a radio contest where I wore a body cast for 20 days
  • Became aware of Web and Accessibility standards in 2000. Specifically, Tommy Olsson and the good folks at Accessify Forum for the initial help! I’ve been passionate about it to this day.
  • Created Flash animation in 2003.
  • I love chocolate! Especially Green & Blacks and Jacob’s Orange Club bars.
  • I work out about 3 to 4 times a week. A healthy body makes for a healthy mind.
  • I worked with the 2010 and the G8 / G20 Integrated Security Unit and was proud to coordinate the web-related efforts.
  • Being asked to be a member of CAPSM. Thank you Laura!
  • Someone once told me I sound like C3PO. I’m actually fluent in not more than 1 language!
  • Being a member of Team Access, where I wrote an article about ‘Big Red Angry Text‘. This is still being used and referenced to this day. Many thanks to Mike Cherim and the team for letting me join the team. I even got to meet Karl in person. Uber-accessite and all-around nice guy.
  • Meeting many many influential people over the years! You all know who you are! Too many to name and I don’t want to forget anyone!
  • Attending SXSW for the first time! Hope to see some of you in 2011!

And, here’s what I vow to do more of

  • Being an even better husband and father.
  • Public Speaking / Presentations.
  • Posting more helpful and insightful information in regards to web and accessibility standards.
  • Helping others.

This, my friends, I promise to you.

Finally, if you’re wondering what has happened to the look and feel of the site, I’m in the middle of a WordPress migration as well as a redesign. The old pages still exist, but I’m in the process of moving them over to the new structure.

Pro Tip: Did you know that the best way to motivate getting a site done is to copy over a WordPress install directly over an existing site. I am certainly not advocating this in any way, but it was something I was interested in trying to see what would happen and how I would handle it. It nuked some existing pages, but the old content’s still available until I migrate it over. Great unrecommended motivational tool!

Hello world! Looking forward to doing even more business with you.