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Bill C-81 (Accessible Canada Act) has been adopted

Last updated on 19 December 2021

Bill C-81 has now been adopted by the House of Commons. Once receiving Royal Assent, the Accessible Canada Act will become law.

It’s now time to work towards a barrier-free Canada.

To review, once receiving Royal Assent and becoming law, this will immediately apply all across the country, in regards to accessibility towards:

  • Employment
  • Built Environment
  • Information / Communication Technologies
  • Communication (not included in Information / Communication Technologies)
  • Procurement of goods / services / facilities
  • Design / delivery of programs and services
  • Transportation
  • Other items defined in the Bill where regulations can be applied

Will this be the answer to all issues moving forward? Of course not. The nature of this Bill requires ongoing consulting, monitoring and reporting for continued improvement. However, this is an important step moving forward towards a greater, more a barrier-free Canada.

As an advocate of Web Accessibility, I’ve already highlighted the impacts and a summarized strategy to move forward in the field of Information / Communication Technologies. As the digital platform is only one piece of this, there is much more work to do moving forward.

Let’s all continue to work together to make Canada a truly barrier-free country!

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