Leggo my Lego® – The Sailors

"The Sailors". In Lego®. Courtesy of Duran.

The Sailors, done in Lego®

When I asked him for a description, here is what he said:

There once was a man who drove a sailboat and his boat started sinking when he hit a rock. Then, he was underwater and found a sailor’s hat, along with a guitar.

He thought to himself “What does this mean?” He thought about it, and finally knew what it meant – that he should create a band called ‘The Sailors’.

Then one day, he found 4 other people that were also sailors. They wanted to be in a band too.

He said “Come on! I rented a stage! And there’s 500 people coming!”

So they went all over the world playing their music.

One day, someone saw in the paper that ‘The Sailors’ is the band that’s been around the world the most times and is now called the best band on Earth!


For the full set, check it out on Pinterest and Flickr

Leggo my Lego® – Zombie Chase

"Zombie Chase". In Lego®. Courtesy of Duran.

My son demonstrates his Lego® creativity by building a scene of a guy being chased by a bunch of other zombie like creatures.

When I asked him for a description, here is what he said:

There’s a really rich guy with a really rich shop. He closed the shop down and made the crown mad. He then created some toxic stuff and sprayed it on the crowd. The crowd turned into zombies and chased him forever.


Nablopomo – Day 27 – 4Cats Arts Studio

I want spread the word about an incredible place that provides a studio for children to express their artistic talents: 4Cats Art Studio.

They are asking people to help promote the 4Cats studio in the South Surrey area and to help out those who are less fortunate. It’s a pleasure to pass along their message to you:

Hello 4Cats Families!

Well, the cold days of November are upon us, and Christmas is just around the corner.

At 4Cats South Surrey, we love being able to provide a warm and bright studio for all of the children in our community to explore their creativity every week! So much so, that in the spirit of the season we’d like to give a little back to those less fortunate.

This is where we’d like your help.

We’d love for all of our families to bring in a non-perishable food item (canned, or dry) to our studio between now and December 10th when they come to class. All items will be donated to the local food bank to help spread some holiday cheer, and 4Cats South Surrey will match, item for item, anything brought in to the studio.

In addition, every time your child brings in an item of food, they will automatically be entered for a chance to win a FREE REGISTRATION for our magical 4-day Grandma Moses inspired winter camp from Dec 20th-Dec 23rd (Value: $165.00+HST). The more cans they bring, the more chances to win! The kids get a chance to create an original work of art just before Christmas, and moms and dads get a chance for some free hours for those last minute outings.

Please help us support our local families this holiday season!

(The draw is to be held on December 11th.)

Our warmest thanks!

4Cats South Surrey Team: Anna, Silvana, Nina, Janice & Kraeg

If you’re in the South Surrey area, or know someone who is, please take some time to help promote a great place and a great cause. Many thanks!