Nablopomo – Day 4 – Cooks Source Magazine

With all of the uproar today with Cooks Source Magazine and their handling of the Copyright infringement of an author’s work, I would like to highlight my 4 lessons of providing good PR when it comes to reusing content and / or messing up on the web:

  1. Plan to get permission from the original author of any content you wish to reuse.
  2. If you didn’t do this, then quickly and publicly admit what was done wrong.
  3. Quickly and publicly remedy this situation.
  4. Don’t tick the web off. It’s like poking a bunch of angry bears with sticks.

But seriously, try to remember that we’re all human and we all make mistakes. Having an “angry mob” coming at this organization and the individual in question is probably not going to help the situation.

Hopefully, cooler heads will prevail and things will be rectified soon.

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