Nablopomo – Day 23 – Flashback: Close shave day

Taking you back to an original post from 13 January 2005, this was a day from hell that could have been much worse.

You ever have one of those days where something could have happened to you that would have ruined your whole day?

I had such a day today.

6:18 A.M.

The morning started off with a bang when I was late for the bus. What does this mean? Super elastic rush hour happy road rage fun.

7:43 A.M.

Unaware of the recent change in parking regulations, I am left to park in a two hour parking spot. More fun will ensue as I run back and forth playing parking spot shuffle for the rest of the day. At least the regulations start at 9:00 A.M., so it ain’t all bad.

11:04 A.M.

I get in my car to move about two spots down. As I grab my keys, I notice that ‘The Club’ key is broken!

Realizing this is quite catastrophic, I play back to when I locked The Club up in the morning. Knowing that the key was still in tact when I first parked, I checked my pocket where my keys were. The broken end of the key is in my pocket.

From this point, I went through the possible scenarios;

  • I can leave my car where it is, go home, get the spare key, and unlock the club. I knew this was a sure fix, but my day and night would be ruined.
  • I can try to pick the lock. I’m not an expert in this and I failed miserably.
  • I can try to stick in the broken end of key with the other part and try to open The Club. This was obviously the most riskiest as I knew that if this didn’t work, I would then have to probably call a locksmith to bust the Club open while trying to explain to onlookers that It’s my car, really! On the other hand, if it works, then there’s no problem. I’ll have no Club for the car, but at least I’ll be able to get home.

After pondering for about five more minutes, I think to myself:

Well, no guts, no glory. God help me…

Marco Battilana

I proceed to stick the broken end of the key in the hole, and then proceed with the rest of the key. Take a breath. Turn the lock.

It opened.

I do my happy dance, proceed to remove The Club and move the car. I figure that was a close shave. But wait, there’s more.

11:20 A.M. to 12:30 P.M.

I tell my coworkers about what happened. I’m sure they were sick of hearing it after the third time, but what can I say? I don’t gamble very often.

5:23 P.M.

On the way home, I notice a burning smell in the car. I also notice that the car seems to be running a little funny. Do I pull off the road before I get on that long bridge? Hell no. I push my luck again.

I figured that since I was a good 20 minutes from home, I would get as far as I could. If something happened then so be it. The gamble worked for me once, why not one more time?

5:48 P.M.

After about 15 prayers, I make it home. I officially declare this day ‘Close Shave Day’, eat some chicken and watch ‘The Sixth Sense’.

10:38 P.M.

I’m posting this message as an example to all. Embrace your ‘Close Shave Day’.

So, I figured my good luck is used up for a while. I’ll be watching my back until Valentine’s Day.

Happy Close Shave Day everyone. Go walk under a ladder now.